New Management Company: Associa Kramer Triad

Decora Park Neighbors,

I’m pleased to announce that the board of directors have entered into a new management agreement to support the Decora Park Home Owners Association. After seeking quotations from, and speaking with, several management companies, we have chosen Associa Kramer-Triad Management Group. Associa initially was one of the higher bidders. However, we thought their level of service and support was going to be the best for our community. We were able to negotiate a lower rate which ended up being 2nd lowest, out of 4 bids that we received. Unfortunately any option, including staying with MCM was going to result in a much higher fee for management services. It seems as though we were getting an unusually low price from MCM that had been carried over for many years with out changing. The board was still able to balance the budget for 2017 without compromising any existing expectations of the HOA along with still contributing to our capital reserve fund.

This first contract we agreed to is a 1 year term, which gives us the flexibility to try something different after a year if Associa isn’t working out for us.

Please be patient with us, and Associa during the transition phase as we work out all the details. As a result of the transition, payment books for 2017 may be slightly delayed. That being said, depending on the timing, we will adjust the due date of dues for 2017 if needed. Look for communication from Associa in your mail in the near future.

In the meantime feel free to check out the Associa website to see some of the benefits we will have. Also see attached document explaining the online Associa access portal that we will all have access to.…/kramer-triad-management-group