Q2 2019 Dues

From Kramer Triad, our management company:

” I would like to extend to the residents of Decora Park my deepest apologies for the error that caused a snowball effect on the entire Decora Park dues and payment structure. We do acknowledge that a very serious mistake was made by one of the departments in our client shared service center and we take full responsibility for it.

You are accustomed to receiving quarterly statements and understandably, you have that expectation. By law, the association is not required to send out coupon books or statements for their Co-owners to pay their dues but is rather a courtesy extended to you. Therefore, you are still required to pay your dues on time. Please be sure to send your payments in to the address that Brian provided to you in his announcement. Include your account number on your check to avoid a misplaced payment. I have been informed that statements were sent by expedited mail to all co-owners at no charge, so you should be receiving those statements soon. If you need assistance, please feel free to reach out to customer service via TownSq, phone 866-788-5130,or email at customerservice@kramertriad.com. “

Payments can be mailed to:

Decora Park HOA
c/o Kramer-Triad Management
PO Box 64804
Phoenix, AZ 85082-4804