Proxy Form & Absentee Ballot

Hi everyone! You should have received this in the mail recently, but just in case — here’s the proxy form and absentee ballot if you are unable to attend the Decora Park Subdivision annual co-owner meeting on April 26th at NHE.

As of right now Roberta Dominick, Kristy Bailey, Tarajee Wade-Rodgers, and myself are planning on re-running for the Board. Joseph Slicker will unfortunately be stepping down at the end of his term so he can focus more time on his new side gigs he has going on. On behalf of all of us on the board, thank you Joe for your time with us on the board and we cannot thank you and Heidebriecht Chevrolet enough for the sponsorships of our events over the years. 😀

Attached in this post is the proxy form. If you know that you will be unable to attend the meeting on the 26th, please consider filling out the proxy form and dropping it off at either a trusted neighbor’s house who you know will be attending, or if you’re willing to you can drop it off to any of the board members who are running. The proxy form coupled with people attending in person ensures that we achieve quorum which is important for our annual meetings. The proxy form gives whoever holds the form permission to vote at the meeting on your behalf. Since we do not have any resolutions planned for the meeting the vote would be for electing the board members. In years past, having submitted proxy forms has been critical for us achieving quorum because most people do not attend the meeting.

The attachment also includes an absentee ballot – so if you are unable to attend the meeting and don’t have someone you want to give your proxy, you can fill out the absentee ballot and mail it back to Kramer Triad to vote for whomever you would like to elect to the board. Kristy and Tara will be write-ins and we need a 5th person to nominate to the board.

Otherwise I hope to see a ton of our neighbors at the meeting on the 26th!!