About Us

Decora Park Home Owners Association is located in the Village of New Haven, Michigan, approximately 30 miles northeast of Detroit. Established in 2003, the subdivision consists of roughly 180 detached, single family site condos with another 112 vacant lots ready for future development. As of February 2017, Lombardo has re-opened Decora Park for development! For more information, visit Lombardo’s website.

Decora Park HOA is a registered non-profit corporation with the State of Michigan and has by-laws which all co-owners must abide by. Our management company is Associa Kramer Triad out of Troy, MI.

Decora Park is undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods in Metro Detroit.

New Haven Elementary School is located in the heart of our subdivision, allowing parents to walk their children to and from school each day. The school’s playground is also a very popular spot for kids to play in the evening and during the summer. Additionally, we have a great central park for kids to play all sorts of sports – baseball, soccer, football, or just hang out at the gazebo or playground.

If you and your family are looking for a community to belong to – Decora Park is your answer!