Architectural Guidelines

Note that the content contained on this webpage is for Decora Park Subdivision, not to be confused with Decora Park North. For Decora Park North information, you must access the documents through

Architectural Guidelines are standards which the Board of Directors utilizes to ensure the subdivision’s cohesiveness. While changes to the By Laws require a vote of the co-owners with 2/3rds approval, the Architectural Guidelines are not part of the By Laws and can be updated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Rules & Regulations Document (June 2021):

Solar Panel System Guidelines (June 2022):

Swimming Pool Guidelines (November 2020):

Exterior Trim Guidelines (July 2017):

Shed Guidelines (2013):

Fence Guidelines (2013):

Deck and Patio Guidelines (2013):

Porch and Railing Guidelines:

Exterior Colors Guidelines (8/9/15):

Approved Sherwin Williams Paint Codes (8/9/15):